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With the expansion of Lanzarote Airport approved which will work towards joining both Terminal 1 and 2 together, the director of the islands Cesar Manrique Airport has explained what is planned with the refurbishment and in addition soundproofing. María Teresa Cuenca has been the director of Lanzarote airport since July 2022. She previously managed El Hierro airport and previously worked at Tenerife North airport. In a recent interview she answered some important questions to a local reporter.

Are T1 and T2 going to join together?
Yes, they will be connected at boarding, once the security check has passed, but terminal 2 will continue to function independently for inter-island traffic.
The first phase of the remodeling will allow the expansion of T1 boarding area, and will allow the T2 passenger, once they have passed the security filter, to access all the commercial areas.

Will the airport echo in design the spirit of César Manrique, which was lost in the last remodeling of the airport?
This will be an integrative project with an effort to catch spirit of the the environment and the island which will hopefully be a tribute to the islands much loved artist

With 8 million passengers in 2023, the airport reached historical highs. What is the current capacity of the airport? Will it increase with the remodeling?
The current capacity is 9 million passengers per year. With the remodeling, capacity will be expanded slightly up to 10 million, although the main objective of the remodeling is to increase the quality of the traveler’s experience.

What are the deadlines for the remodeling?
In the coming months, a company will be awarded the drafting of the project. In accordance with the deadlines of the State Procurement Law the works will begin in 2027. In parallel there are also projects to expand  aircraft parking. First an extension to the north terminal parking and if there are no  complications there will be the extension to the south.

How many jobs does Lanzarote airport generate?
Aena has 169 workers and the airport as a whole has 2,200 employees.

How is the noise monitoring and soundproofing system going?
The system allows people affected to monitor noise levels and the distance between any aircraft and a specific location, such as a home. It also allows residence to submit a complaint about a specific aircraft so it can analyzed. There is an acoustic insulation plan, in December 2021 administrators planned to soundproof more than 1,600 properties. Since that moment, multiple isolation requests have been managed and many other measurements have been carried out inside homes. Offers are now being evaluated to award the drafting of the soundproofing projects in the different homes.

How can a resident who lives near the airport ask for soundproofing?
Any owner can contact the Acoustic Insulation Plan Management Office through the telephone number 91 590 31 70 or through the email address

Is it as difficult to get a taxi at Lanzarote airport as some say?
It is true that there are specific moments, especially during rush hour, when there are some queues but there are no real problems on a daily basis.

Should taxis in Lanzarote be more unified?
Any alternative that improves the situation would be an advantage.

Lanzarote airport was a pioneer in improving the experience of people with autism, how does that plan work?
In 2018, Lanzarote and Malaga airports introduced a pilot project for passengers with autism spectrum disorders that has been developing and, today, is present throughout the network. It is aimed at people who have difficulties in stressful environments and with a lot of sensory stimulation. We have created a symbol that indicates that the wearer may need support, help or simply understanding and a little more time in the processes.