UK: 03300 88 5786 & IRL: (01) 5314740

The Circus Terra will be in Arrecife from the 3rd February until the 3rd March. It is not to be missed! 
You will be transported to an enchanted jungle full of mysteries and surprises. The show tells the story of a poacher who goes into the jungle in search of new prey. Just when he thinks he sees an animal, he prepares to shoot but is distracted by a mysterious, stern voice that causes him to miss his target. It is the voice of Mother Earth. That voice will guide you through endless adventures and with the help of acrobats and dancers,  the main character will learns to care for and respect all creatures on our planet Earth. The animals become his faithful friends and the jungle his home. The show uses amazing technologies such as 3D holograms and animatronic animals that reproduce the exact look and shape of real animals and will make you feel truly exploring the extraordinary jungle of Terra.
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