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With local elections approaching in Lanzarote, this is a time where political parties are most consious of being seen and taking action on issues that may have been left in the past. The Popular Party has requested again that the the road that runs alongside Los Hervideros (LZ-703) is repaired. The road has now been out of action for nearly 2 years. In February 2021 a sink hole appeared due to the erosion of the waves and the road was closed. This highway has played significant importance with tourists choosing this route in the past to visit the attraction Los Hervideros. Residents from the village of El Golfo have also been complaining as the road forms one of two routes that connects the village from the rest of the island especially for a direct connection to Playa Blanca. Due to the complexity of the route across volcanic lava fields close to the ocean the local government has not been able to find a solution