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The San Juan Fiestas are celebrated every year on the 23rd June. The popular celebration, according to tradition, marks the start of summer and you will see small and larger bonfires on the the beaches of Lanzarote and scattered about the countryside.
This year, the local authorities are stressing the importance of followig the rules and recomendations when preparing and carrying out bonfires. 
The correct thing to do is to request permission to the local town hall tostart a bonfire and be carefull to not have hydroalcoholic gel on your hands as it is flamable. It is also advisable to choose a „safe“ area, without nearby buildings and with little traffic to place the bonfire. Likewise, „the presence of cars, power lines, trees, etc.“ must be avoided. and the area cleaned beforehand.  For greater safety, it is advised to move six meters away for each meter stacked on the bonfire. From the Cabildo de Lanzarote they emphasize that it is important to avoid the use of light materials to burn at the stake, since they could easily come off and cause damage. Likewise, the bonfire must be watched at all times and extinguishing means must be on hand. Before leaving, it is important to ensure that the fire is well extinguished and to clear the area of ​​any debris. Finally, in case of an emergency, you should call 112 or 080.