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A new Professional Federation of Recreational Diving in Lanzarote has been established with the aim of giving representation to professionals in the field and become the main recognized legal entity in the sector in the Canary Islands. FEBUCAN integrates the majority of diving centers in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and El Hierro and wants to participate in the drafting of the new regional decree. The main objectives of the Federation are to ensure the security of a sector that sees how the intrusions of unfair illegal competition increase every day, which endangers the prestige of tourist activity from the legal activities of the sector. They have listed a number of safetey measures and requirements to include evacuation and Emergency Plans in several languages, a chain of contacts in cases of emergencies, civil liability insurance with the highest coverage on the market, accident and rescue insurance that covers both at sea and In the diving center itself, instructors with training in first aid, rescue, and salvage, support boats and rescue in case of emergencies. They also highlight how they must have 24-hour access to the Hyperbaric Chamber, diving points previously authorized by the Ministry of Development, vehicles prepared for the transfer of clients and equipment, previously authorized, and equipped for the client’s safety, own equipment of normobaric oxygen, both in the center, as well as in the vehicle and the boat, eFEBUCAN wants to participate in the drafting of the new decree that will regulate the sector. The new organization reports that the accident rate in the archipelago is negligible in relation to the number of divers moved by the Canary Islands, the nerve center of diving at a European level, and the main sports tourism activity in the Canary Islands, with a high level of safety on its beaches and quality of service, which moves a tourist with a medium-high purchasing power.